Dress Policy

  • While it is not our intent to dictate fashion, students are expected to come to school dressed appropriately for participating in a learning environment.

    • Any clothing or hairstyle that is disruptive in nature, obscene, immoral, considered a health hazard, a safety problem, or that interferes with the learning environment is not acceptable.
    • Shorts, skirts and culottes must be longer than fingertips when standing with arms straight at the side.
    • Tank tops with straps smaller than 3 finger widths, muscle shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, spandex-type clothing, see-through clothing, short shorts, boxers or tutus over spandex, clothing that exposes the midriff or underwear and spiked jewelry are not acceptable as school attire.
    • Students are to refrain from wearing or displaying clothing or other items that are tied to violence, gang like activity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity or sexual references.
    • Children are asked to wear appropriate shoes for safety, especially in PE and at recess.  lip flops are not appropriate shoes for PE and may pose a safety hazard at recess. Likewise, shoes that can be converted to skates, shoes with cleats, and high platform shoes are not appropriate for school.
    • All students are requested to wear athletic shoes on their PE days in order to prevent damage to the wood floors in our gym.