Dress Code

  • The staff and administrators at SHS value a learning environment that is free of distractions from the learning community. Students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal dress that helps the individual for college and/or career readiness. By way of example and not a complete list, we will not allow:

    • Clothing that is revealing in nature.
      • Sleeveless shirt straps must be three fingers wide without being low-cut.
      • Shorts or skirts must be, as a general rule, no shorter than the tips of the fingers with arms extended at the side.
      • Bare midriffs, low cut pants and low cut tops (shirt bottom and waistband of pants/shorts/skirts must be touching).
      • Undergarments should not be visible.
    • Any slogan or insignia that implies intimidation, graffiti, discrimination, or ridicule.
    • Any display of words, pictures, or references to alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, weapons, or sexual innuendo.
    • Gang related attire, accessories or emblems.
    • Other items deemed inappropriate or unsafe by staff and administrators.

    Classroom expectations for attire will vary depending on the activity for the day or class. Special attire may be necessary for presentations, field trips, or safety concerns regarding a specific curriculum. Wearing hats, hoods, or other head coverings in classrooms or offices, with the exception of religious attire, will be at the discretion of the teacher or staff members.