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    August 22 Business Day   
    Cathcart Business Day will be held in the gym from 9-11:30 a.m. and will reopen from 1:00-3:00 p.m. We have added evening hours from 6:00-7:30 p.m. but it is important to understand that we will have limited staffing in the evening 
    Parents will receive a “stamp card” when arriving, listing the many things to see and do at Business Day, and may bring the completed card to Mr. Anderson to learn your student’s classroom assignment for 2018-19. 
    Classroom Fees and Supply List  
      Pick up school supply list 
          Pay fees (cash or check only please) 
                             Kindy – 4th grade $14.00 
    IXL Online Math Program $7.00 + Scholastic Subscription $7.00 
                             5th - 6th grade $18.00 
     IXL Online Math Program $7.00 + Time for Kids Subscription $6.00   
                                      + Cathcart Agenda/Planner $5.00 
                             HiCap 4th-6th grade $12.00 
                                   IXL Online Math Program $7.00 + + Cathcart Agenda/Planner $5.00 
    Update Emergency and Medical Records 
    Review, Sign and turn in Student Information Update Form 
           The form will be pre-printed this year with your current emergency information. 
           Please review, edit, sign and return to the table. 
    Update Immunization records (all 6th graders MUST have Tdap)  
    Drop off medications and authorizations (with Nurse Rose in the office) 
    Cathcart Parent Organization (CPO) 
      Learn about the great things planned this year and sign-up to volunteer  
    Cathcart School Breakfast and Lunch Information 
        Add funds to student lunch accounts  
    Annual Free/Reduced Meal Forms are available  
                   (must be completed each year in order to qualify) 
    Great Programs that Support Our Kids 
       Snohomish Education Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, Scouts Programs, Snohomish 
             Aquatic Center, ArtSmart and more 
    Kindergarten Conference Sign-Ups 
    Kindergarten families are invited to sign up for a short family meeting with their child’s  
                kindergarten teacher during the first three days of the school year. These family 
                meetings will be scheduled between September 5 and September 7.  
    When “stamp card” is complete, take it to Mr. Anderson, our school Principal,  to learn who your student’s teacher will be this year! 
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    August 29 New Student Orientation  
    All families new to Cathcart are invited to attend New Student Orientation at 6:30pm. Mr. Anderson, our principal, will be welcoming new families, leading a tour of the school and all students will have the opportunity to go on a short school bus ride. 
    August 30 Meet & Greet (2:00-3:00pm) and Root Beer Social (3:00-4:00pm) 
    Meet & Greet is a drop-in event in classrooms from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity to meet your teacher and check out your new classroom. Maps and Class Lists will be posted outside the library at 1:30pm. 
    The Cathcart Parent Organization will have a Root Beer Social and Open Recess on the playground from 3 to 4 p.m. Plan to join in the fun! 
    September 5 - First Day of School for Grades 1 – 6     8:35 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
    September 5 – 7 Kindergarten Family Meetings (Please schedule on Business Day) 
    September 10 – 1st Day of School for Kindergarten Students
    Kindy parents are welcome to “Boohoo Yahoo” after dropping off the little ones. Have a cup of coffee and meet other kindergarten parents.
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