Parking Permits

  • A student parking permit is required to park on campus during the school day. There are two student lots. The largest one is off of 7th Street, across from the stadium. The other lot is along 5th Street, next to the tennis courts.

    Juniors and seniors may purchase parking permits for the school year at Student Start-Up. Students may only purchase their own permit and will need to provide:

    • Driver’s license
    • Car license plate number
    • Make and model of car(s) that will be parked at school

    If a student is unable to attend Student Start-Up a parent can buy the permit by presenting a photocopy of the student’s driver’s license and automobile information.

    When the parking permit is purchased, a receipt will be issued by the bookkeeper along with a form that must be filled out. That form and receipt are then turned in to the school receptionist who will issue the actual permit. The receptionist will be available at Student Start-Up as well as once school begins or in the main office on school days.



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