Welcome to Technology

  • Dear Snohomish students, families and staff,

    Through an infusion of learning tools such as laptops, desktops, interactive LCD screens and boards, the technology department supports an engaging and relevant learning experience. We design and support systems interoperability providing our students access to a myriad of learning resources at any time and from anywhere.

    Our team of professional and committed support staff provide technical support and systems development services throughout the district. We support the teachers through a cadre of trained technicians. Through a robust wired and wireless network, we provide access to the outside world, including core and supplemental curricula resources. The district maintains its own telephone system (including E911 services) and fiber network.

    Our department provides essential information technology services for the district including data protection, disaster preparedness and technical consultations with our schools and support departments. We provide our services to assist in empowering our students to learn and our educators to teach.


    Edson Rodriguez, Director of Technology

    Edson Rodriguez
    Director, Technology