Welcome to Technology

  • Dear students, families, and staff,

    Here in the Snohomish School District's Technology Department, our passion lies in enhancing education through technology. We are dedicated to implementing and continually adapting a digital environment that enriches both learning and teaching experiences, ensuring we stay ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

    Managing and supporting technology for more than11,000 users and their devices, we focus on equitable access to digital resources and robust connectivity. Our active role in facilitating the district's 1:1 program and maintaining a reliable computing network is vital in enhancing daily educational activities, ensuring continuous learning, and fostering effective communication, while prioritizing internet safety and security.

    In our approach to strategic resource management, we focus on sustainability, encompassing careful resource allocation, device distribution, and oversight of purchasing and lease agreements. We are committed to meeting immediate technological needs while preparing for the future, thus creating a supportive and resourceful learning environment.

    Central to our mission is the collaboration with the Teaching & Learning Services team. This partnership ensures that technology not only supports but also enriches learning experiences. Working together, we proactively shape technological advancements to meet and anticipate the evolving needs of our students and staff, making a meaningful impact on their educational journey.

    Edson Rodriguez, Director of Technology

    Edson Rodriguez
    Director, Technology