• Many of us remember a guidance counselor from our school years, but the role of the school counselor, especially at the elementary level, has changed. These days, the school counselor divides her time among many areas in support of all students. Primarily, the elementary counselor focuses on individual and small group counseling, teaching developmental lessons in the classroom, and collaborating with parents, staff, and community members.

    My goal is to provide a school counseling program that is comprehensive in scope (reaching as many students as possible), preventative in design (preventing problems versus dealing with them after they happen), and developmental in nature (always changing based on the needs of our students and families).

    Click here to view a great video about what a comprehensive school counseling program looks like.

    What fun it is to usher in the holiday season! It is a time of great joy. It can also be a time of great stress for families. Information on resources available in our community can be found at the links below in English and Spanish. If you need additional resources, please do not hesitate to reach out. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!