Kids In Motion

  • Little Cedars Kids in Motion is a running/walking club held every Wednesday during lunch recess for 1st – 6th  graders and Wednesday first recess for Kindergartners. The purpose of the club is to give students a positive activity to do at recess and to promote physical fitness.
    Students will walk or run around the designated area on the school grounds. Each time they complete a lap, they will get a dot on their hand.  For every 40 laps or five miles they run, the students will receive a paw charm. With their first paw, they will receive a chain bracelet. Students who run 115 laps (a half marathon) or more this year will receive a ribbon for their accomplishment. The top three of all runners and the top three boy and girl runners in each grade band will be awarded special prizes at the end of the year assembly.
    With the new upcoming system for playground equipment at recess, we wanted a way to have students still take care of the recess equipment in the same way they did for their classes. We decided that as a school we would earn balls to contribute to the ball cart by collectively running. A new ball will be added every 5000 total laps. This should equal two or three balls added per month.
     Any student, teacher or parent at Little Cedars is welcome to participate.
    Thank you for your support!
    The Recess Team