Parent Partnership Program, AIM High School & Apex Online Learning

Parent Partnership Program, AIM High School & Apex Online Learning


  • AIM High School Newsletter January 26, 2023

    AIM High School Newsletter January 26, 2023

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  • Panorama Survey

    Panorama Survey

    We will again be asking our 3rd through 12th grade students to participate in the Panorama survey for social-emotional learning. This survey was given to students last school year and in the fall 2022. Panorama helps schools and districts transform their approach to education, so that every student thrives in school, every student benefits from an excellent education, and every student graduates prepared with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they need to thrive in the modern, ever-changing world. Through our work to improve education, we help create a world where every child has equitable access to opportunities in school and in society more broadly. Panorama is a tool used by the district in conjunction with multiple other resources, such as attendance, behavior, grades, etc.

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  • PPP Newsletter January 2023

    PPP Newsletter January 2023

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  • Student Cooking Contest (4-6 grades)-February 10 recipe deadline

    Student Cooking Contest (4-6 grades)-February 10 recipe deadline

    Each year, the Snohomish School District holds the Kids in the Kitchen/Junior Chef Competition, which is sponsored by the Food Service Dept. District 4th - 6th grade students are invited to submit recipes for their favorite after-school snacks. The recipes, which must be submitted by Friday, February 10, do not have to be original. They can be family recipes or from cookbooks, the internet, etc. For more information, visit

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  •  4/5/6 Highly Capable Program - February 3 packet deadline

    4/5/6 Highly Capable Program - February 3 packet deadline

    Snohomish School District students who will be in the 4th through 6th grade next year are invited to participate in the district’s 4/5/6 Elementary Highly Capable Program which provides learning opportunities around depth, complexity, and acceleration. If interested, the below dates and information are important. Students currently enrolled in the 4/5/6 Elementary Highly Capable Program do not need to complete the referral process.

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  • Free ACT testing opportunity for juniors - March 8

    Free ACT testing opportunity for juniors - March 8

    The Snohomish School District will be offering the ACT (American College Test) free of charge for all high school juniors On March 8 during the school day. This is an amazing opportunity for students to take a college entrance exam at no cost to families and for our schools to collect data that will help improve student learning.

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  • PPP early release/delayed start schedule for 2022-2023.

    PPP early release/delayed start schedule for 2022-2023.

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  • AIM High School early release schedule

    AIM High School early release schedule

    AM: 8-9:30 a.m.
    PM: 9:30-11 a.m.

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About Parent Partnership Program

  • In cooperation with parents/guardians, Snohomish School District offers the Parent Partnership Program (PPP) to provide academic and enrichment activities for home school students. Classes and programs are available for grades K-10. Our high school classes offer credit. Students may meet with highly qualified teachers on campus up to three days a week, depending on the student’s grade level, the student/family schedule and other considerations. Staff and families collaboratively work together to create a personalized learning plan for both home and school that incorporates both strands. Programs available include:

    • Core academic courses
    • Academic enrichment courses
    • Expanded or supplemental activities
    • Apex Online Learning

    PPP does not offer a high school diploma, and our students who are seeking diplomas (usually after 10th grade) attend their resident high school, AIM High School, Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center or Running Start. 

About AIM High School

  • AIM High School is an excellent school of choice for students seeking a more personalized form of instruction. AIM High School is an accredited high school leading to a high school diploma.  AIM High School offers a quality, contract-based academic program within a respectful, supportive, intimate environment. Through partnerships between our students, staff, parents and the community, we seek to promote the intellectual growth, personal development and social responsibility of every student.

    AIM High School works with students to earn their high school diploma, while individualizing their education as needed. Students attend four- or five-days a week for three hours, depending on their needs. Students are responsible for completing work outside of class.

    Students can also participate in Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center, Running Start and classes, sports, band etc at Snohomish High School and Glacier Peak High School. If appropriate, APEX Online Learning courses are also available. AIM High School provides an on-site daycare for teen parents.


About Apex Online Learning

  • Our Apex online program is not a full-time learning alternative.  Students access our Apex program for credit recovery or acceleration courses in addition to their in-person learning.  Students must work with their school counselor to determine needed courses to register.  The goal of the district's Apex Online Learning program is to create the same high-quality learning experience students would expect to find in a traditional classroom through an online, remote curriculum. Each online course consists of a comprehensive curriculum and a versatile online learning environment. Our district's Apex Online Learning environment is specifically designed to meet the learning needs of middle school and high school students. The curriculum is aligned to relevant national and state standards and is relevant for:

    • Home school students
    • Home-bound students
    • Credit retrieval
    • Accelerated learning