Quarantine and Isolation

  • If your student has been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive (non-school related exposure) for COVID-19, please let your school nurse or principal know so they are aware of quarantine dates and can provide support.

    If your student or a member of your immediate household has tested positive for COVID-19, please make sure your school nurse or principal are aware so that appropriate health and safety precautions can be taken and we can provide support.

    NEW BEGINNING DECEMBER 6 - OPTION ONE: Close contact - Test to Stay (two negative tests required) – Student remains at school
    The Snohomish Health District, in alignment with the Washington State Department of Health, allows a student is identified as a close contact at school to remain at school after exposure, if they meet all of criteria below:

    • Are tested at least twice during a 7-day period at school. Rapid antigen testing is completed at school and includes one test conducted as soon as possible following recognition of the exposure and one test collected 5-7 days after last exposure. Testing would require parent/guardian consent prior to any testing.
    • Have no symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Continue to wear a face covering/mask.
    • Continue to quarantine outside of school (i.e., not participate in extracurricular activities at school, including sports and other activities outside of their home.)

    The Test to Stay option is only available for students exposed at school and is not applicable to students exposed outside of school. This option is in alignment with the district’s Test to Stay Memo of Understanding with the Snohomish Health District.

    OPTION TWO: Close contact - 7-day quarantine option (with testing)
    The Snohomish Health District, in alignment with the Washington State Department of Health, allows a modified 7-day quarantine period for unvaccinated close contacts with proof of a negative test and as long as they continue to be symptom free. For those who choose this option, they must stay in quarantine for 7 full days beginning after the last contact with the positive person and they must receive a negative test result (get tested no sooner than day 5 after last contact). The test which must be completed on day 5, 6 or 7 of the quarantine period must be a physician-, lab-, pharmacy- or clinic-confirmed test and must include the person’s name, date of test, name of testing facility and test results. Results must be presented and verified by the school nurse or school principal.

    OPTION THREE: Close contact - 10-day quarantine (no testing)
    The Snohomish Health District, in alignment with the Washington State Department of Health, allows a modified 10-day quarantine period for unvaccinated close contacts. Identified close contacts may return to school 10 days after their last close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual without testing, as long as they are symptom free.

    OPTION FOUR: Close contact - 14-day quarantine (no testing)
    The Snohomish School District will continue to support those families who prefer to keep their students home for the 14-day quarantine.

    Close contact - Vaccinated or have tested positive for COVID-19 within past 90 days
    Fully vaccinated people (2 weeks after last vaccination dose) or those who have had a documented case of COVID-19 within the last 90 days with no symptoms do not need to quarantine after COVID-19 exposure. Watch for symptoms for 14 days and recommendations include getting tested 3-5 days after exposure. If symptoms develop, get tested.

    Test positive for COVID-19 - 10-day isolation

    • For those who test positive for COVID-19, the state guidance has not changed.
    • Return to school after 10-day isolation period (from the date of testing (if no symptoms) or from the date of symptom onset).
    • If symptoms or fever persist after 10-day isolation, person who tested positive can return when there is no fever and symptoms are improving.
    • Stay home for the full 10-day isolation period, regardless of symptoms or test results.

    Important links and resources:

    • District and community testing options - Learn more about district and community testing options at hwww.sno.wednet.edu/covid19/testing
    • SimpleReport rapid antigen testing registration link - In order to administer the rapid antigen tests, the state has mandated an online recording mechanism through a tool called SimpleReport. As part of the testing process, parents/guardians of students must enroll in the online registration tool at this link www.sno.wednet.edu/covidtestingregistration prior to testing. Students ages 18 and older can complete the registration process on their own. This online registration must be completed in order for our schools to administer the rapid antigen testing. In completing the online registration, parents/guardians or students (if ages 18 and older) will provide consent for this type of testing. All information will be maintained by the Washington State Department for Health and is strictly confidential.