SHS Panther Parent Booster Club

  • Our Purpose
    To recognize, support and honor student learning and well-being, to facilitate home/school communication, and support staff members. This may include but is not limited to participation and/or financial support of school-sponsored or officially sanctioned events such as:

    • Student, parent, and/or teacher assemblies, presentations or workshops;
    • Sponsoring guest speakers for such events;
    • Purchase or maintenance of student, teacher or school equipment or supplies;
    • Staff appreciation activities;
    • Volunteer needs;
    • Student recognition and awards;
    • Special needs as requested by the principal which are not feasible to be paid for by other funding sources.

    All parents are invited to our Parent Club meetings that are normally held at 6:30 p.m. in the Snohomish High School Principal’s Office on the second Monday of the month.

    Board Members

    • President - Kelsey Garka
    • Vice President - Jaime Robinson
    • Co-Treasurer - Christi Davisson
    • Co-Treasurer - Tami Tregoning
    • Secretary - Sheilah Looney

    Contact information for the Board is