About Riverview Elementary

  • Welcome to Riverview Elementary, home of the Eagles! We are located just north of the City of Snohomish and are part of the Snohomish School District. Our teachers, support staff and parents work together to help every student become the best they can be in a safe, friendly, fun community.

    Our school has about 500 kindergartners through 6th graders. Our students will attend Centennial Middle School in 7th and 8th grade and Snohomish High School in grades 9 though 12.

    Thank you for taking time to find out more about Riverview Elementary!

    Derek Larsen

    Derek Larsen, Principal

    Partnerships are valued at Riverview! Riverview Elementary staff, families and students are united and focused upon educational success and lifelong learning for all students. A warm and inviting atmosphere has been built. Pride and a positive school spirit are evident! Strong parent support and involvement are the norm. A culture characterized by mutual respect and trust, professionalism, and the recognition and appreciation of the uniqueness and individuality of team members is evident. This has ensured that Riverview Elementary is the best place for students to learn and teachers to teach! Educational success involves creating “Student - Centered - Kids First!” learning environments, where all students’ needs are met in supportive, collaborative and caring environments. There is a focus on the “whole child” and on a balanced approach to academics and educational opportunity.

    In March of 2008, a team of staff and parents began meeting to design a new Riverview. The committee worked with consultants, project managers and architects to collaboratively design a school that focused on students and learning. Throughout the process, whenever there was a design decision to be made, the committee frequently looked at it through the eyes of children. We wanted a building that encouraged curiosity and learning. Engaging students in their education was a big priority for our committee, as were opportunities for kids, the community and staff, to gather, connect and collaborate.

    The summer of 2009 marked the beginning of the demolition process and was followed quickly by the construction of our new school. Our move into our new school took place in January of 2011. Our new school demonstrates our commitment to the community, creating that sense of community within the school as a whole through abundant connectivity and transparency. The design fosters and supports student learning, engagement and curiosity. Shared learning spaces, in the clusters of classrooms referred to as “neighborhood” pods, an art/science interdisciplinary learning lab, enhanced outdoor wetlands areas and an amphitheater provide unique learning spaces for students. The entry provides a place for community gathering and the sharing and display of student learning and art. The design connects with and reflects stewardship of the environment, exemplifying and teaching sustainability with triple-pane windows, use of natural lighting, geothermal systems and solar.

    As you walk through our school, you can see a difference in learning. You can feel the energy of the students and staff. There is excitement as students study and learn. With our neighborhood pods; the Olympic, Cascade, Mt. Baker, Streams and Wetlands, you see students flowing in and out of classrooms engaged in learning. The IDEA lab, an interdisciplinary classroom space designed to support art, science and integrated learning projects, is another place where you can see students hard at work learning. This space has also brought in parents and the community to collaborate on supporting student learning. Our library is a special place and our library circulation jumped after our move to the new building. Riverview is a learning community… and without a doubt, this is the best place for students to learn and grow.