Senior Community Service Requirements

  • Senior community service requirement

    • It is a graduation requirement to complete eight hours of community service. Please review the guidelines below.
    • Select a non-profit organization or something from our list of upcoming opportunities
    • Bring the Verification Form with you when you do your service!
    • Take a picture of your completed form and submit to the assignment called "Hours Completed" on the Community Service Canvas page. 
    • Complete your hours between June 1, 2024 and May 28, 2025.
    • Due Date is May 28, 2025

    Senior community service guidelines 
    Students graduating from the Snohomish School District must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of community service during senior year that meets the criteria below:

    • Serve an organization that is non-profit, 501(c)3 and offers service opportunities that are community oriented.
    • A minimum of eight (8) hours is required of all students. The required hours must be performed outside of the school day and can be done anytime between June 1, 2023, and May 28th, 2024.
    • No “double dipping.” The service must be a stand-alone eight (8) hours. This means you should not be gaining from doing this service in any capacity besides fulfilling your senior requirement. You may not be paid for your time, earn credit from a class, fulfill a court order, earn another award or honor, etc. It should also not be something that you are doing as part of being in a school club or activity.
    • Record your hours on the Glacier Peak High School Verification Form and get it signed by someone at the organization who supervises your service.

    Opportunities listed on this website, our Canvas page, or the pre-approved list, are considered approved.

    Information regarding school districts
    We prefer students to find community service opportunities outside of our school district (or any school district), but we recognize that there are some opportunities within our district that provide meaningful community impact. Use the following information as a guide to help you understand what would and would not be approved:

    • Must be service based and must be pre-approved using our permission form prior to starting your service
    • Examples of service that would likely be approved: an organized campus cleanup, helping an outside organization who is hosting an event at our school, helping with an elementary school science fair or other activity that could not be accomplished without the help of volunteers, etc.
    • Examples of service that would likely not be approved: Anything done as part of being in a particular class, club, activity, or sport. If it is something your club is doing as a group, you cannot also count it for your senior hours (see “double dipping”). Anything that is considered part of a school employee's job description (cleaning classrooms, grading papers, etc) would not be approved.
    • No booster club or other athletic/activity fundraising activities will be allowed.

    Information regarding religious organizations
    While students may not count religious activities that promote a certain religion, we recognize that many religious-based organizations conduct service opportunities that have significant community impact. Use the following as a guide to help determine which religious-based activities would and would not be approved:

    • Must be service-based and must be pre-approved using our permission form prior to starting your service.
    • Examples of services that would likely be approved: serving the homeless, clothing/food drives, serving the elderly, etc.
    • Examples of services that would likely not be approved: teaching Sunday school, participating in church band/choir, or ministering on behalf of your faith.
    • If you are unsure if your hours will qualify, please see Mr. May in room 201.

    Information regarding for-profit businesses
    Working for free at a for-profit business is typically not allowed. Community service should be done by non-profit organizations that help the community. If your service simply results in increased profits for a business, then it will not count as community service. However, if the business is organizing an event that benefits the community, then exceptions can be made (fill out the permission form or come talk to Mr. May ahead of time). 

    If you aren’t sure if what you are doing will be approved, fill out a permission form and/or email Mr. May first!

    Community service advisor
    Kelven May
    Room 201