Principal Eric Cahan

Principal Welcome

  • Dear Panther Community,

    As I am writing this letter the summer is coming to an end and the new school year is about to begin. I can’t start this year without a reflection of last year and a whole-hearted note of appreciation for the way you welcomed me back to SHS as the principal. It is the greatest professional honor I could ever hope to experience and you, as a community, have made is as special as I hoped it would be. Thank you!

    Looking forward, there is a lot of work ahead of us. We have been very busy this past year preparing for this upcoming school year. Here is a short list of the work we engaged in together:

    • Civility Work

    As a staff we came to some agreements as to how we would treat each other, our students and our staff. These norms led us to reflect on our operating principals and have been articulated in a PRIDE (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Equity) statement. This commitment is a continuous reflection beginning with the assumption of positive intent with our students, staff and community. This year is also the start of a larger dialogue on how we deal with situations that face us to consider our norms and school-wide values, especially when the actions and behaviors of others seem to be outside of our norms and values. I hope you notice the PRIDE statements around our school and embedded in our work this school year and can use them to share your Panther PRIDE with your children.

    • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

    The Snohomish School District has set the vision for our District to begin to implement systems of support for all students and we are working on this initiative diligently at SHS. We have committed to ideas to help improve student learning that focuses on effective core instruction, supplemental interventions, and intensive interventions. We have been implementing these changes at the teacher, classroom, and school-wide level. We believe this work will lead to improved graduation rates, less discipline, better attendance and reduced drop-out rates for ALL of our students.

    • Years 2/3 of Framework for Targeted Teaching

    In the interest in improving our instructional skill the staff, led by department chairs, requested to do two years work in one as we enter year three of the five year commitment to the work of Fisher and Frey as instructional guides. We have adopted the Purpose/Restorative Practices and Gradual Release of Responsibility this school year and will continue our focus on these research-based instructional approaches this school year.

    In short, we are very busy trying to uphold the tradition of excellence in our academics, arts, activities, and athletics. This is more than a slogan or catch-phrase, but real and tangible behaviors we hope you notice.

    Lastly, I would like to invite you to be a part of this Panther PRIDE. How? Come to our events, attend your children’s performances or activities, get to know your children’s teachers, come to Serpentine Assembly, volunteer or join the Panther Parents Booster Club! We hope you feel invited to build on the long-standing pride and tradition that makes Snohomish High School the best school in Washington State.

    Proud to be a Panther,

    Eric Cahan
    SHS Principal