Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Below are some common questions that are asked about our Emerson Elementary Library. If you do not see a question/answer that fits your needs, please contact us so we may answer it for you!

    Q: How many books can a student check out?
    A: 2 books (free choice) + 1 good fit book + up to 2 more for class projects

    Q: How long can a student check out a book? When are library books due?
    A: The loan period is one week. Books are due on your student's library day. Books may also be renewed weekly.

    Q: How does a student put a book on hold?
    A: If a student wants a specific book that another student currently has checked out, a student may place a hold. Students need to log into our Destiny library site with their student ID and password, and then place a book on hold. Students are able to do this in the library, in the classroom, or at home, wherever online access is available.

    Q: When is the library open?
    A: The hallways are open for students at 8:30 a.m. each morning.

    Q: Is Emerson's online catalog available to view at home?
    A: Yes!  Please click on the school district's online catalog link ( to take you to it. Click on Emerson once you are at the site to see our school's online books and resources.

    Q: Are there library fines for late books? What about lost or damaged books?
    A: No, there are not fines for late books. If a book gets lost or damaged, a fine will be assessed to replace the book.

    Q: Can a student access the internet in our school library?
    A: Yes, all students have internet access through library and school computers and devices.

    Q: My question was not answered... now what do I do?
    A: Contact us! You can reach the library at 360-563-7164 or by email at