Graduation Information

  • Graduation is a ceremony and a time when a wide range of activities take place to honor our graduating seniors. The senior prom and family gatherings are a time for celebration and merriment. The graduation ceremony is just that - a ceremony. It is a time when students are recognized for the academic achievements that have led to graduation. The graduation ceremony is an important moment for every member of the class and for their families and friends. The behavior of our graduates should be respectful and appropriate. Please remind parents to leave outside food and beverage and noisemakers at home. 

    Graduation Participation
    Seniors may participate in the graduation ceremony if they:

    • Have passed all the required courses and earned 24 semester credits.
    • Have passed the reading, writing and math sections of the HSPE or approved alternative.
    • Have completed the eight-hour community service requirement and turned in required documentation.
    • Have had credit reinstated in classes required for graduation if credit was lost due to excessive absences.
    • Are not under a suspension or expulsion at the time of the graduation ceremony.
    • Have paid all the fines and fees owed to Snohomish High School.

    Graduation Dress Code

    • Students are expected to wear appropriate shirts, slacks (no denim), skirts, dresses , and nice shoes (no flip-flops).
    • Students may wear only official academic regalia with their cap and gown. This includes National Honor Society and Art Honor Society cords, Fankhauser Scholar medals, Panther Pride pins, flag pins received in government class, other medals given at Senior Recognition Night, as well as academic regalia awarded through Running Start programs. Students are not allowed to write on their caps or gowns. Any messages on attire will result in the student not being allowed to participate. Corsages, leis and other adornments to the cap and gown are also not permissible. 
    • We understand that some students have an ethnic heritage they wish to honor through their graduation attire. If you intend to request such accommodations, please complete the form available on our website and in the main office. These requests must be submitted in writing by the end of April to the main office and receive approval. 
    • Click here to download Graduation Dress Code Request for Accommodation.

    Graduation Rehearsal
    Rehearsal is required for participation in graduation. If you do not plan on participating in graduation, let your counselor know. Rehearsal will last about an hour.

    Graduation Tickets

    • All guests over the age of 2 must have a ticket to enter the arena. Even guests who have access to a private luxury box must have a ticket to enter the arena.
    • At senior check-out, students may request additional tickets for graduation. Please only request the number of tickets you will actually use, as we do not have enough tickets to give each student 20 tickets. Tickets are only given to the graduate. Any remaining tickets will be made available to graduates at rehearsal. 

    Senior Class & Graduation Items
    Jostens is our official contact for class rings, gowns, announcements, etc. Jostens will be on site several times in the fall for ordering and graduation items will arrive in the spring. You can contact Jostens at 800-840-9130 or visit their website at