Study Skills

  • Good study skills improve school performance. The better a student's school performance, the more opportunities there are from which to select after graduation. Talk with your child about the job of being a student: attitudes toward homework, class participation, note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies. Your child needs to feel prepared in these areas, and you can help by doing the following:

    • Identify commitments with your child (homework, sports, jobs, friends) and establish a schedule for completing all items.
    • Suggest that your child budget time and work on one project at a time.
    • Create a consistent space for homework to be done. Preferably, it should be clean, well-lit, quiet, and outfitted with appropriate materials. A home library of good reference books such as dictionaries, atlas, almanac, etc. can be very helpful.
    • Create a consistent block of time during which to do homework. When your student does not have assigned homework or has leftover homework time, that time can be used for activities such as reviewing work or reading ahead.
    • Limit distractions. Television, telephones and cell phones, headphones, etc. should be off-limits during this time period.