Alternative Education

  • There are many opportunities for students who are having difficulty being successful on the high school campus. Please see the counselor to discuss resources and alternatives.

AIM High School

  • AIM High School is the district-run alternative high school. Students may take courses during a three-hour school day, either a morning or afternoon shift. Which shift will be determined by the AIM High School administrative team. AIM High School is an accredited school leading to a full high school diploma. In addition, students may still take advantage of other district programs such as Sno-Isle Skills Center and Running Start. To view AIM High School's website, click here.

APEX Online Courses

  • APEX courses are approved by the district for credit accrual. Courses may be taken in place of or in addition to the regular school day. In some cases, the family will be required to pay the tuition. Students must also be able to access a computer which is capable of running the APEX program. It is suggested that only students who are self-motivated attempt these courses as they are similar in academic rigor to those taken on the high school campus but with little support from district personnel. For more information, contact your school counselor or visit the district's site.

Parent Partnership Program

  • In cooperation with parents, Snohomish School District offers the Parent Partnership Program to provide academic and enrichment activities for homeschool students. Classes and programs are available for grades K-10. Our high school classes offer credit. Students meet with certificated teachers on campus one, two or three days a week, depending on the student’s grade level. Staff and families together create a learning plan for both home and school that incorporates both strands. Programs available include:

    • Core academic courses
    • Academic enrichment courses
    • Expanded or supplemental activities
    • Apex Online Learning
    • Once-a-week consult and home-based classes are also available for interested families

    Parent Partnership Program does not offer a high school diploma and our students who are seeking diplomas (after 10th grade) attend their resident high school, AIM High School, Sno-Isle Tech or Running Start.