Diploma Completion

  • Most community college and some of the technical schools in the area offer programs where students are able to complete their high school diplomas at the same time as receiving a college education and/or job training.  Some of these programs are available at no or reduced cost to high-school-aged students.

    Each program has it's specific benefits and requirements. One thing to keep in mind before choosing a school is the specific job training offered; the schools may specialize in particular fields. Please contact the high school counselor to discuss the various programs. Below are the links for several schools in the area that offer these programs.

Job Corps

  • Job Corps is a federally-funded program that offers a diploma or GED and job training at no cost to those enrolled.  It differs from other diploma completion programs in that students live on Job Corps campuses in specific locations.  In addition, the types of jobs for which training is offered is more limited than through other programs. To visit the Job Corps website, please click here.