Credit Retrieval

  • Before signing up to retrieve credit for courses that a student has failed, consult the school counselor. It is imperative that appropriate choices be made, and the school counselor is the best person to assist in making the choice. Please note that at this time, graduation requirements (with the exception of PE) may be made up only through the regular school day, the district's credit retrieval and summer school programs, and through Apex learning courses. Elective and physical education credits may be made up through other Washington state accredited sources.

District-Run Credit Retrieval

  • District-run credit retrieval is offered on a rolling admissions basis. If there are spots open, students will be admitted. Tuition for these courses is offered at a lower rate through this program than through the Apex online program. Note, however, that course offerings for the district-run program are limited. In order to enroll, students will need a counselor-signed copy of the enrollment form and internet access form. Once enrolled, students will be completing the majority of the course online and will be taking tests at a prescribed location and time on campus. A computer lab will be open for student use no less than once per week, but it is expected that students use their computers at home for the majority of the work. In order to see if your computer is compatible, please click here and run the system check-up. For current offerings, cost, dates, and times, please contact the school counselor.

Summer School

  • Summer school courses generally begin shortly after the end of the school year. They are run in a similar manner to the district-run courses. Please contact the school counselor in late May for further information.

Credit Reinstatement

  • If a loss of credit has been issued due to poor attendance, students may appeal the loss prior to the end of the semester in which the course was taken. Please contact the attendance office for procedures and dates.