New Students

  • Welcome to Snohomish High School! We are a school of many proud traditions and look forward to you joining us. Summer hours for the Counseling office are 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on June 21-27 and August 13-17. Enrollment paperwork is available in the office or may be downloaded here.

    • Return the complete packet to Jennifer Harris in person, by fax 360-563-4194, or by email
    • We will contact you for an enrollment appointment in late August when all forms are complete, previous school records are received, and attendance/discipline records have been reviewed.
    • IEPs are requested and reviewed by Snohomish High School psychologists and may take up to a week or more to process.


Enrollment Steps

  • Please return the following items to Mrs. Harris via email, fax, or personal delivery. We will contact you to set an enrollment appointment with your student’s counselor when all enrollment materials have been received.

    Complete Snohomish High School New Student Enrollment Packet.

    Proof of Residence (must be one of the following):

    • Deed of trust
    • Mortgage payment receipt (dated within past month)
    • Rental/lease agreement (listing names of occupants w/name, address, and phone number of the landlord/management company
    • Escrow/closing papers
    • Current utility bill or cable bill (PSE, PUD, Comcast, water, garbage, sewer) with service address
    • Unsure of your school district? Please check the Snohomish County Assessor's Office website.

     Verification of student birth date (choose (1) of the documents below):

    • Birth certificate
    • Hospital certificate
    • Passport

    Parent/guardian state or government photo identification

    Student immunization record (Please see WA School Immunization Requirements)

    Student’s current transcript (incoming 10th-12th) or last report card (incoming 9th). If enrolling after the start of the current school year, a withdrawal form and withdrawal grades from the previous school are required.

    Does your student has an IEP? We must have a copy of the IEP and the most recent evaluation prior to your enrollment appointment. Please call for details.

    Contact Mrs. Harris, Counseling Office Administrative Assistant, at 360-563-4050 or or fax 360-563-4194