Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get an ASB card and annual?
    ASB cards and annuals may be purchased from the bookkeeper. Please make our Bookkeeping office one of your stops when you register your student. 

    How do I find transportation information?
    Transportation information is available online. Please click here to learn more.

    What if my child wants to drive?
    Parking passes are available for purchase by seniors on a first-come-first-served basis. See the bookkeeper for the parking form and to pay for a permit. Once senior students have received their permits, a lottery is held for junior students to purchase permits. If the student is a junior, please see the bookkeeper to be placed on the lottery list. Sophomores and freshmen are not issued permits.

    Do you offer driver's education?
    Please contact Marti Menzies at 360-563-4006 for driver's education information. The drivers education class is located at the Parkway Campus.

    My child is an athlete. How do help get him or her involved in sports activities?
    Please fill out the transfer student athletics form and contact the SHS Athletic office at 360-563-4080. They will help you with any other necessary paperwork, eligibility information, and contact information. Student athletes wanting to attend NCAA Division I and Division II schools have curricular requirements that must be met, inform your counselor of your athletic plans when planning your schedule.