Local Scholarship Program

  • The 2024 Local Scholarship Program (LSP) scholarships are now available for district seniors at washboard.org. This year, there are nearly 100 different scholarships being offered to graduating seniors by individuals, school district alumni, businesses and organizations in our community. There is a wide variety of different types of scholarships recognizing all the different interests, hobbies and areas of focus – from future career paths, STEM, the arts, athletics and service – there is an opportunity for everyone.

    For more information, please reach out to high school counselors or college and career center specialists.

    Students can meet with their school's counselors or college and career center specialists about any of the scholarships, requirements or for help in setting up a profile and creating application materials.

    Click here for a list of available scholarships.

    You can find more information about the scholarships at www.snoed.org/programs/scholarships/ or contact scholarships@snoed.org.

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2023-2024 Local Scholarship Program

  • The Local Scholarship Program (LSP) for seniors is now closed. The deadline was March 11! Senior applicants will receive a notification from the College & Career Center at the end of April.

    This Local Scholarship Program is run through the Washboard.org scholarship clearing house. Before a senior can apply for the local scholarships, they need to make a Washboard.org profile. Here is the list of 2023-24 Local Scholarships that were available.

    The Snohomish Education Foundation, along with the SHS, GPHS and AIM college and career centers, manage this scholarship program. This scholarship program usually offers 80+ scholarships from donors to either SHS, GP, AIM or all three schools. In the past, this scholarship was a notebook program and each senior applying had to complete a notebook to apply. Three years ago, we changed the process and moved it to the Washboard.org.

    For a list of all LSP scholarships that were available, please view the document below. Also below you will find a detailed directions sheet, explaining how to apply for the Local Scholarship Program. Please contact Patty Stapleton in the College & Career Center with any questions.

    Scholarships for grades 9-12
    The Washboard.org is a scholarship clearing house, so after a student makes a profile, they will be matched with a number of scholarships. All grade levels can create a WashBoard account. There are scholarships for 9-11 grades available outside of the Local Scholarship Program. Students should continue to update their profiles and check back for new scholarships. By filling out a profile, you will not only be applying for the Local Scholarship Program as a senior, but you will be matched to all the other scholarships that they offer. Good luck! 

    *The Snohomish Education Foundation reserves the right to update or pull individual scholarships based on donor funding.

    Step-by-step direction options on how to make a "Profile" and "Apply" for the Local Scholarship Program scholarships on the Washboard.org:

    View the list of scholarships offered in 2024 and their criteria below!