Parenting Resources

  • Common characteristics of secondary school students
    As your child reaches late adolescence, you may notice some changes in behavior. It is common to wonder if what you are observing is typical adolescent behavior or if what you are observing should cause concern. Click here for a list of common characteristics and the special needs of high-school-aged children.

    It is normal to see some change. However, keep in mind that abrupt, drastic changes can be indicators of underlying problems. If you are having concerns, consult the school counselor.

    Academic difficulties
    Sometimes problems can arise and your student may struggle in his or her academic pursuits. Click here for a resources on how to deal with some of the most common problems. In addition, please consider viewing the Academic Assistance section of this counseling website.

    Family Access/Skyward
    Family Access/Skyward is a program which allows parents and students to view the most currently posted grades and attendance. A password is required - passwords for parents and guardians differ from those given to students as parents have the capability to excuse absences online. Please come to the high school's main office with a picture ID to get one.

    Click here to visit the Family Access/Skyward. Please keep in mind that the grades posted reflect what has or has not been turned in, not what has been currently assigned. It is recommended that parents and guardians contact teachers directly if there are concerns about a student's progress in the class.

    Healthy child resources
    Research has shown that there are 40 different characteristics that healthy, well-adjusted children hold. You may wish to consider viewing these characteristics, identifying areas where your child needs to grow and making a plan with him or her, and others as needed, to help your child reach his or her potential.

    Sometimes parents and children both have difficulty knowing how to cope with some of the issues affecting teens. Please consult with the school counselor. While school counselors are not mental health professionals, they are trained in counseling techniques and school policy, will help identify when outside resources are needed, and can provide referral information. In addition, consider exploring some of the web resources listed in the right-hand navigation.

    If you and the school counselor have determined that your child needs help beyond what the school can provide, please do seek outside help. Your health care insurance will have a list of providers to choose from. Click here for a resource that might help you find a provider that best fits your needs.