Program Highlights

  • Students must apply and be interviewed with a parent or significant adult before acceptance.

    While most courses are self-paced, receiving instruction and assistance one to one, most core subjects have seminar-type classes once a week.

    Students must complete work to an 80% standard. If satisfactory progress is not made, students will be required to attend extra sessions, document homework, and/or reduce their full-time status.

    We use approved Snohomish School District curriculum designed for earning credit in a small group or individual situation. Students may also earn credit for educational experiences outside of school and/or create a course of study to earn credit independently.

    AIM High School offers its own diploma with the same requirements as the traditional high schools.

    An average of 75 students per session attend with seven certificated teachers, a counselor, principal (also certified in special education) and eight support staff members.

    Students are required to follow the "Rules and Regulations of the Snohomish School District." Students who do not comply are exited from the program.

    Students can also participate in Running Start, Sno-Isle Technical Center and classes and/or athletics at Glacier Peak High School and Snohomish High School.

    All students are assigned to one staff member as their advisor who meets with them regularly.