• Tom Laufmann
    Executive Director
    Phone: 360-563-7239

    Accounting and Finance
    Phone: 360-563-7244

    Food Service
    Phone: 360-563-7298

    Phone: 360-563-7242

    Snohomish Aquatic Center
    Phone: 360-568-8030

    Phone: 360-563-3535

    Variances/Choice Transfers
    Phone: 360-563-7240

Welcome to Business Services

  • Welcome to Business Services. With the responsibility of educating our youth comes the accountability of being good stewards of the funds entrusted to our district. Our department provides a variety of services directly supporting the students, staff and our district community. 

    Our areas of service include accounting and budget, enrollment, food service, theatre management, food service, purchasing, risk management, transportation, and variances/Choice Transfers (students changing schools in and out of the district).

    We look forward to working with you and your families to help students have the best opportunities for success.


    Tom Laufmann, Executive Director Business Services

    Tom Laufmann
    Executive Director, Business Services