Senior Portraits and Baby Ads

  • The Friday, October 20, deadline for submitting senior portraits is approaching.  When submitting your senior portraits for the yearbook, please note that our submission hub, eShare, automatically adjusts the senior portraits to the correct size for publication. Below are the details of what this all means for you:

    Choose a high-quality senior portrait that follows the following requirements:

    • Portraits only, no full or half body shots.
    • 300 dpi/ppi resolution -This is the most important part to get correct. This is a full resolution for print images. Cell phone photos and photos from the web are too small to reproduce in the yearbook.
    • Color photos only.
    • Plain/neutral background required.
    • Full face view, facing forward.
    • Clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines.
    • No creative filters or photographic treatments.
    • No props (this includes animals and cars) or hand signs of any kind.
    • No tattoos or hats.

    Only crop the photo to your liking in the eShare submission. If you like the photograph as is, fully extend the cropping tool in eShare so it doesn't cut out parts of the portrait that you want.

    If your/your child's senior portrait has been approved, you will receive an email with confirmation. If your/your child's senior portrait is not approved, you will receive an email letting you know the reason and how you should proceed. Please be patient as this communication may take a few business days.

    Questions can be directed to