High School Grizzly Cub Online Registration

  • Grizzly Cubs sign-ups - September 1-30

    REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED - Click here for the high school Grizzly Cubs registration link.

    What is it?

    Grizzly Cubs is a mentoring program between Glacier Peak High School students and students from the four elementary schools that feed into Glacier Peak High School: Cathcart Elementary, Little Cedars Elementary, Seattle Hill Elementary and Totem Falls Elementary.

    Once a month you will have planned, super fun activities to do with your Grizzly Cub that you do not have to pay for. The schedule of events will be released soon. The parents/guardians of your Grizzly Cub are responsible for their transportation to all events. You, as the High School Grizzly, are not allowed to transport them under any circumstances.

    By participating in Grizzly Cubs and attending the majority of the activities, you will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation!

    Communication is the big key to the Grizzly Cubs. Text or call your Grizzly Cub and ask them how they are doing, maybe help them with their homework, invite them to one of your sports games or performances, attend one of their activities etc. It is not a huge time commitment, but it is a commitment. You MUST communicate with your Grizzly Cub.

    REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED - Click here for a copy of the 2022-2023 parent/guardian letter.

    When do I find out who my Grizzly Cub is?
    In mid-October you will find out who your Grizzly Cub is. You will need to contact them and introduce yourself. Then, you will come and meet your cub at our introduction event.

    Who do I ask questions of?
    Please contact Grizzly Cubs advisor Sheila Proctor-Long in room 319.