Tips from Mr. May

    • If you are unsure if your community service will meet the district graduation requirements, please fill out a Permission Form, email me, or come talk to me. You do not want to find out your service hours don't count in late May.
    • The paperwork is your responsibility. Know how to fill it out and who to turn it in to. The organization is not responsible for your paperwork. Make sure you bring it when you do the service and get it signed before you leave.
    • Please call the organization before you go! Make sure they need help on the day you are available. Also, please do not have your parents set up the activity – be responsible and do this yourself!      
    • Be on your best behavior and clean up after yourself. If you are not a helpful volunteer, they will not sign off on your forms (Just showing up is not community service – you are there to be helpful and to serve your community!)
    • Get this done early!!!! There may not be enough service opportunities in April or May to accommodate all the procrastinators from all the local high schools.
    • Anything I post on our website or Canvas page have already been approved, so there is no need for a Permission Form.
    • Ideally, you should get at least four hours done first semester!