2019 Local Scholarship Notebook is now closed.

  • The Local Scholarship Notebook Application is now closed. 2019 awards will be announced in April. 2020 application will open December 2019.

    2019 Snohomish School District
    Local Scholarship Notebook  Program
    Due: February 14, 2019 at 3 p.m.

    Local scholarships are available for all types of post-secondary education pathways, including career and technical education (CTE), two- and four-year college programs, and accredited vocational certification programs. Please talk with your counselor if you have any questions about your continuing education plans.

    Review the application to determine the information you will need to provide. Input your information in the blue databoxes showing. Once you have all your information. Print the four pages. Do not save your completed application to your desktop as it will not save the data you have input.

    Carefully follow the directions below for completing each page. Treat this as a job application; precision and neatness are paramount! Please type all answers and essays.

    Scholarship Application
    Complete all sections and make sure all appropriate signatures are included. 

    Student Essay
    Discuss the following topic - What excites you about your post high school plans and why? (350 word limit)

    Financial Need Statement
    The typed statement may be no longer than 350 words. Express in your own words why/how the scholarship money could help you reach your educational goals. This statement needs to be written by the student from the student’s point of view and express the impact a scholarship can have on the student’s post high school plan. No personal information such as taxes, income or FAFSA info please. You can include family hardships or personal challenges that might help express your need. This information is important for the committee to consider your specific needs when reviewing notebooks.

    Optional Personal Statement
    This is an opportunity for the student to share information that could not be captured in this application that you feel would be helpful for the application reader to know. Limit 250 words.


    • Teacher evaluation form - Request a teacher complete the Local Scholarship Notebook Teacher Evaluation Form which may be found on the Career Center website. Your teacher may download and complete the form. Submit your teacher request well in advance to ensure enough time for him/her to fulfill your request. Pick this up from the teacher well before the due date. Consider requesting a recommendation from an instructor in your chosen field.
    • Employer, mentor or community member - Request a one-page, one-sided letter of recommendation. Make this request ASAP to ensure enough time for him/her to fulfill your request.

    The Career Center will place this in the notebook for you.

    Any additional information and/or essays required by specific local scholarships. Check for these when signing up or on the scholarship link.

    Assemble Notebook. Place the completed notebook pages in the correct order (back to back) in the approved notebook cover that will be provided by the Career Center. Page 1, with the wallet sized photo is to go back to back with page 2 in the first sleeve of the notebook cover provided. All submitted scholarship notebooks must have the same approved notebook cover. 

    Sign up for scholarships on your Career Center website. A list of the Local Scholarship Notebook scholarships can also be found on the website. You must sign up for each scholarship that you wish to be considered for. If you do not sign up, your notebook will not be viewed by the scholarship committees. Do not sign up for scholarships if you do not meet the criteria. When signing up for scholarships, note additional essays or other required additions to the basic application and be sure to complete this information.

    Submit your Local Scholarship Notebook to the Career Center before 3 p.m. on February 13, 2019 - late or incomplete notebooks will not be accepted. It is suggested that you turn in your notebook early so it may be reviewed prior to submission.

    Wait Patiently. The scholarships in the Local Scholarship Notebook are provided by various donors throughout the community. Donors are invited to review their scholarship applicants and select through April. Scholarship recipients are selected by the donors or their assignees. Notification of recipients will begin in late April and will continue until all donors have made their selections.

    The Snohomish Education Foundation reserves the right to update or pull individual scholarships based on donor funding.