Limited Transportation (Snow) Bus Routes & Schedules

  • When weather conditions dictate that certain roads are not safely passable, the district will announce it is providing limited transportation. Each school office has a list of the roads and areas that our buses will not travel on when limited transportation is in effect. Please remember, limited transportation will be in effect for both the morning and afternoon routes, even if roads have cleared during the day.

    Please note:

    • Parents/guardians of students on special education services routes/buses should have received information in November 2019 with their inclement weather schedules and stop locations. If unsure of times/locations, please contact the Transportation Department at 360-563-3535 or 360-563-3525 in the morning.
    • The times and locations on the limited transportation (snow) pdfs reflect normal pick up times - please add two (2) hours if there is a two-hour school delay.
    • If routes operate on limited transportation (snow), those routes will be in effect for both the morning and afternoon, even if roads have cleared during the day.
    • There may be a situation in which there is no two-hour delay and buses are operating on limited transportation routes. In these cases, schools will start at normal times.
    • To access the limited transportation bus routes/schedules, simply click on the heading name to expand the related documentation. Click again to minimize the listing.

Limited Transportation - Morning Routes & Schedules

Limited Transportation - Afternoon Routes & Schedules