Mr. Mohn's Literacy Corner

Information Literacy Rubric Template

Initiating a Research Assignment (Step 1)

Selecting a Topic (Step 2)

Exploring Information (Step 3)

Formulating a Focus (Step 4)

  • This is the most important step in the research process. If you never form a focus you can never write a good research paper, or give a good speech. Narrowing your topic down to a manageable size, so you can focus your research on very specific information is paramount to being successful on your assignments. If you are unsure about your topic and how to narrow it down in order to create an effective presentation, then stop everything and analyze the information you've already found on the topic. You will end up wasting your time collecting information that you won't be able to use in your presentation unless you can focus your research. If after analyzing your exploratory research you still don't understand what you are going to present then talk to Mr. Mohn or Mrs. Waltz for some ideas on how to narrow your topic.

Collecting Information (Step 5)

Preparing to Present (Step 6)

Assessing the Process (Step 7)