Integrated Pest Management

  • The district uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) modeled after Environmental Protection Agency recommended guidelines for the control of structural and landscape pests. IPM coordinates the use of non-chemical methods along with all available pest control methods. These include pruning, using disease resistant plants, and the judicious use of chemicals that are deemed the least hazardous to human health and the least damaging to the environment. When chemicals are applied, they are applied by either a commercial applicator or a licensed district employee. Chemicals are also used at our high schools as a part of the horticulture program, and they follow the same guidelines as outlined in our IPM.

    A notice will be posted in the school’s main office 48 hours prior to the application of any biologic or chemical pesticide. It will provide the reason for application and the name of the product to be used. For individual pre-notification, please call your child’s school and ask to be placed on the pesticide pre-notification list. Notification procedures do not apply to emergency applications to school facilities for the control of any pests that pose immediate human health or safety threats (e.g. to control stinging insects). For more information, or a copy of the annual summary, please contact Dave Sage, Executive Director of Operations, at 360-563-7230.