eCollect & Non-Sufficient Fund Checks

  • Our district is always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective in our fiscal policies. While it may seem like a minor issue to some, the collection of non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks is a time-consuming and costly issue. As with any business, the school district has an obligation to be fiscally accountable. Collecting returned checks can take valuable time from the school district personnel. To manage this process, beginning May 2014 district has started using a service called eCollect™.

    eCollect™ utilizes the federal and state laws allowing the electronic recovery of NSF checks which results in a high rate of recovery at no cost to the school district. The cost becomes the responsibility of those who wrote non-sufficient fund checks with the electronic recovery of the face amount of the check and the electronic recovery of the state fee from the bad check writer’s bank account. Utilizing eCollect™ is an effort by the school district to be fiscally accountable in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

    Snohomish School District gladly accepts checks. However, the district or school staff will no longer arrange for the repayment of returned checks. Should your check be returned for insufficient funds, eCollect™ will authorize your account to be electronically debited or bank drafted for the amount of the check plus any applicable fees. The use of a check is your acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy and its terms and conditions. 

    Please include the following information on your check:

    • Full name
    • Street address
    • Home phone number
    • Cell phone number