Accounting - ASB Purchase Order Procedures

  • ASB purchases require prior student approval and available budget capacity. Please create a purchase order prior to all ASB purchases. The purchase order should have student approval at all secondary schools, and any elementary with an active ASB governing body. The principal must sign all purchase orders. 


    Elementary and middle school ASB purchase orders are distributed as follows:

    • White copy – send to vendor
    • Yellow copy – submit to district office with final payment
    • Pink copy – send to district office upon completion of PO
    • Goldenrod copy – retain at school


    Please be sure to send the pink copy to Accounting upon completion for input in the computer and verification of proper use of ASB funds. Requisitions may also be used for purchases. Please include requisition copies with POs.


    Joint general fund and ASB purchases
    If you would like to purchase an item with both ASB and general fund moneys please use the following procedure:

    1. Determine what portion should be paid by each fund. Please document how you arrived at the percentages and have your elected ASB body approve and record percentages in their meeting minutes and attach to purchase order.
    2. Complete a general fund requisition for the entire amount of the purchase (including the ASB portion). Use code 0173.28._ _ _ _. _ _ _.3900.0000  for the ASB portion and whatever general fund code you wish for the general fund portion.
    3. Complete an ASB PO and/or requisition for the ASB portion made out to the vendor we are ordering the item(s) from.
    4. Send white copy of ASB PO and requisition to Accounting along with general fund requisition. Accounting will process GF purchase order as normal.
    5. When original invoice is received, sign it or packing slip and return to Accounting for payment.  We will pay the entire bill out of the general fund.
    6. You will receive a SSD 201 invoice from Accounts Payable for the ASB portion at a later date. Pay the invoice out of ASB fund following normal ASB A/P procedures and include a copy of the minutes.