Accounting - ASB Voucher Procedures

  • Please submit the following items inthis exact order when paying an ASB invoice:

    1. Top - Any remittance item you would like sent with the check, such as a copy of the invoice or statement.
    2. Voucher – white copy typed or printed neatly (see below for instructions). Keep yellow copy for your records. A student signature is needed on the voucher for any secondary school or elementary with an active ASB governing body.
    3. Statement if available: reconcile to be sure balance agrees with amount paid. If you have more than one invoice, put in order listed on statement.
    4. Original invoice - check for tax and accuracy. Bookkeeper initials must be near total. If the company made an error in the amount on the invoice, please call the company and have them make the correction and issue a new invoice. Any invoice copies must indicate why you are using a copy to pay.
    5. Packing slip with receiving signature (no initials) and date items received.
    6. Yellow copy of purchase order if it is final. Send a copy if not final.
    7. Bottom - Yellow copy of requisition (if used) with appropriate signatures.


    Completing the voucher form

    1. If tax is not included on the invoice and the vendor is local, call the company to correct the error and note the correction on the invoice, including the date of the call and the person you spoke with. If tax is not included on the invoice and the vendor is out of state, mark the tax column with a “T." Both merchandise and shipping are taxable. (See the Sales and Use Tax section of the Business Services Handbook for further details.)
    2. If the purchase order is final, mark an “F” in the appropriate column.
    3. The column on the voucher titled “PO total” is the amount being paid on the PO, not the amount of the original purchase order.
    4. Mark “1099” when paying an individual or company (i.e. not a corporation) for services. Include an Independent Contractor Agreement if it is an individual. An invoice is also required on a 1099 payment.
    5. Please have your principal sign the bottom of the voucher form (signature of auditing officer) and student if required.


    Your voucher is now ready for payment. The completed voucher and backup must be received by Accounting five working days prior the 15th or last day of the month to be processed for payment on those dates. Vouchers received after the cut-off date may be processed in the payment group for the next cut-off date. If you have any questions about the above process, please call Accounting.