Risk Management

  • Overview
    The district has a responsibility to the staff, students and community to “identify and measure risks of loss due to the damage or destruction of district property or to claims against the district by others claiming to have been harmed by the action or inaction of the district, its officers or staff.  A risk management program shall be implemented to reduce or eliminate risks where possible, to determine which risks the district can afford to assume and to transfer to an insurance company those risks which the district does not wish to assume or cannot economically afford to assume.”

    A well defined, positive attitude toward safety by students and staff is a very important part of the program. When all staff and students are aware of potential hazards and safety practices, personal injury and equipment damage can be prevented.


    • To provide a safe and healthy working environment for staff and students.
    • That each individual would achieve a level of pride and excellence in their own work, at the same time recognizing that the well-being of all employees and students is a common district endeavor.
    • To minimize the loss potential by effectively managing the risks taken by district.
    • To comply with the requirements of the local, state and federal regulatory and legislative agencies.


    • Superintendent – It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to provide direction and assistance in the implementation of the district’s safety and loss control programs.
    • Executive Director of Business Services – It is the responsibility of the Executive Director of Business Services to oversee the district’s risk management and loss control programs.
    • District safety officer – It is the responsibility of the Safety Officer to directly oversee the district’s safety program.
    • Building safety committees – It is the responsibility of the building safety committee to meet regularly to discuss safety and health programs and to respond to building safety concerns. 
    • Risk management team – It is the responsibility of the risk management team to act in an advisory capacity to the building safety committees, distribute information as required, identify and review safety concerns and assist in providing training as needed.
    • Custodial staff – It is the responsibility of the custodial staff at each building to ensure that the building is clean and in good repair.
    • Maintenance staff – It is the responsibility of the maintenance staff to ensure that the buildings are well maintained.
    • Employees, students and visitors – It is the responsibility of the employees, students and district visitors to conduct their activities in a careful manner, to avoid injury to persons or damage to property and to properly report all incidents in order to minimize the effects of accidents.

    Standard Tort Claims

    Please Contact Melody Gillette to obtain a copy of the Standard Tort Claim.  All claims must be submitted on the district's Standard Tort Claim Form per RCW 4.92. to the Designated Agent - The District's Designated Claims Agent is the Superintendent.

    The safety and loss control programs are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis. Any updates will be sent to the buildings to ensure that the best practices are being utilized district-wide. If you have any questions or concerns to pertaining to risk management, please contact Melody Gillette at 360-563-7332.