Risk Management - Emergency Preparedness

  • The district has developed an emergency preparedness plan that covers a variety of emergencies and disasters. The plan shows the chain of command during an incident and the responsibilities individuals to respond to the emergency. Each site is responsible for developing their building evacuation routes in case of earthquake, fire, etc, and safe areas inside and outside the building in case of severe wind, lighting, etc. Each site is also responsible for annually assigning staff members to the many tasks needed to put the plan in place.


    The building plan should be practiced whenever the site has a fire, earthquake, intruder or other emergency drill. The building administrator should fill out the emergency drill report and send to Melody Gillette.  The district is responsible for maintaining record that these drills were performed in compliance with regulatory statutes.  


    Drills are required as follows:

    • Fire drill - First week and at least five more times during school year     
    • Earthquake drills - At least two times per year
    • Lockdown/intruder drills - At least one time per year
    • Shelter-in-place drill - At least one time per  year
    • Other emergency drills - As determined necessary by the building administrator