Risk Management - Accident/Incident Procedures

  • All accidents/incidents need to be reported as soon as they occur. Please note that employee and non-employee accidents (students and visitors) are reported differently.

    Employee accidents/incidents
    District employees and substitutes who are injured on the job are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. Any injury needs to be reported to the building principal and/or secretary as soon as it occurs to insure the injured employee receives an accident/incident packet.

    There are two types of packets: One for an employee who is seeking medical attention and one for an employee who is not. Please make sure the employee receives the appropriate packet and, if possible, completes and turns in the employee information sections before leaving the building. There are detailed instructions attached to each packet. If an employee seeks medical attention, the Activity Prescription Form must be completed by the attending physician and turned in to the building supervisor and/or secretary before the employee returns to work. Please turn all paperwork in to Payroll as soon as it is received.

    Even if the injury does not appear to be serious, it is important that these incidents be recorded should there arise any issues in the future.  It is also important to record “near misses”. Near misses are incidents that may have caused serious injury. By recording these “near misses," building administrators and the district will be able to determine if corrective action should be taken to eliminate potential hazards.

    The building administrator should then give the injured employee the employee packet that has guidelines for the employee on initiating an L&I claim. Should the employee require off-site medical treatment, a physicians initial report must be completed by the physician.

    A medical release authorization is required to allow the district to work with the employee’s treating physician to establish light duty responsibilities (if necessary) or notifies the district that this employee can return to work and under what conditions. This release form is necessary for the district to ensure that the employee’s injury will not be aggravated by that employee’s duties. A release from the physician needs to be provided to your supervisor and Payroll before returning to work.

    Student/visitor accidents/incidents
    All employees are responsible for immediately notifying their building administrator when an accident/incident involving a student or visitor occurs at their site or any other location when students are under their supervision. All accidents/incidents should be recorded and forwarded to Melody Gillette as soon as possible. This timing can be crucial if a claim is involved. 

    Eyewitnesses or persons told about the incident by the person involved may fill out the accident report. When filling out the report, be as factual as possible and provide an accurate, written record of the circumstances and procedures that were followed. This information will be used by the district in the event a claim is filed against the district.

    The district does not provide medical insurance for students or visitors.

    Vehicle accidents
    Anytime a district vehicle is involved in an accident, the guidelines established by the Transportation Department and Risk Management should be followed. Those guidelines are summarized on the Motor Vehicle Accident Report. Following is an even shorter summary of the procedures:

    • Check all passengers for injuries.
    • Ensure that the vehicle is free from other hazards (power lines, other vehicular traffic, etc).
    • Notify Transportation (360-563-3525) of the accident, the accident location and any district injuries.
    • Check the other vehicle (if applicable) for injuries.
    • Fill out the Vehicle Accident Report Form in its entirety.
    • Remain on-site until a district responder arrives on the scene and reviews the accident.