Accounting - Records Retention

  • District employees must maintain all records according to state guidelines. The Washington State Archives, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, has created a records retention manual. Each department and school must have access to this manual at their location and adhere to the retention schedules that apply to their records.


    Records may be destroyed when authorized by the general records retention schedule.  Records must be reduced to an illegible condition by one of the following methods:

    • Shredding (our method of choice)
    • Burning 
    • Recycling (only under special circumstances)


    Please follow these procedures when storing and disposing of public records:


    Certain records provide significant historical value and must be kept permanently, or transferred to the state archives. Examples of those records include:

    • Annual high school report for standards and accreditation 
    • Course description catalog 
    • District publications 
    • Graduating class history file 
    • Master class schedules 
    • Report of evaluation of accreditation 
    • School bulletins and newspapers 
    • School history material 
    • Statements on graduation requirements 
    • Student handbook 
    • Yearbook/Annual 
    • Other records that provide significant historical value


    Current Records Retention Officer: Shannon Smythe