Employee Reimbursements - Certificated Professional Development

  • Certificated employees may be reimbursed up to $450 per FTE for professional development each year. Please follow the listed guidelines when applying for professional development:

    Allowable reimbursement will be pro-rated according to FTE status, up to a maximum of $450.

    Supplies, materials and equipment purchases

    • All $450 can be spent on supplies, materials and equipment. 
    • Reimbursement requires original receipt with full signature and explanation of items purchased. 
    • All items purchased with professional development funds become the property of Snohomish School District. 

    A completed travel leave form must accompany the professional development form for activities during regular work hours. A travel leave request is not needed for summer, weekend, evening, or correspondence classes. Please note the date and time of the activity on the professional development form. Note - This exception is for professional development only. Any other district travel requires a travel leave form.

    Classes and clock hours can be reimbursed only after payment has been made. Extra charges for processing credit or clock hours will not be reimbursed. Travel expenses for attending a class, such as mileage, parking, hotel, and airfare costs may also be reimbursed.

    All supplies and tuition payments must have been purchased between August 1 and July 31 of the current school year.

    Submittal to Business Services

    • Employees must submit an original receipt that shows method of payment (check or credit card, etc.) and the date of the class or the original invoice and a copy of a cancelled check or credit card statement for all expenses claimed. Copies or faxes of receipts are not accepted. 
    • Professional development forms must be submitted to Business Services no later than July 31 and must have proper signatures, receipts, and travel leaves (if required).
    • Funds remaining over $25 will be paid to the employee on their August paycheck. Mandatory benefits will be deducted.
    • Professional development forms can only be submitted once each year. 
    • All items purchased with professional development funds become the property of Snohomish School District.