Employee Reimbursements - Travel Procedures

  • District Employee Travel
    The Snohomish School District 201 has set Policy 5341 as a guideline for travel procedures when staff are required to travel on behalf of the district. Below are guidelines on how to obtain approval for district travel and how costs are incurred and reimbursed.

    District Business/Travel Request Forms
    All Snohomish School District employees traveling on behalf of the district, must complete a district Business/Travel Request Form. Forms can be obtained from Human Services and must be completed in triplicate:

    • Section I: Include dates of absence(s) and purpose/location of the travel.
    • Section II: Indicate if a substitute is needed for your absence, check a reason, add the Aesop Conf# for your sub, and add the account/budget code the sub will be charged to.
    • Section III: Indicate all estimated travel costs including substitute(s) and indicate account/budget code for the costs 
    • Section IV: The form must be signed by your supervisor and budget approver and forwarded to Business Services.

    Travel Expenses
    Meals while traveling (New process effective January 1, 2017)

    Meals for an overnight stay will be paid in advance through the travel advance account. Only meals related to the employee’s school-related travel are eligible for payment. Meals will be paid at the higher of the following per diem rates or the federal Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) listed on gsa.gov for city/zip code of the location of the overnight stay:

    • Breakfast - $15
    • Lunch - $20
    • Dinner - $30

    Requests for per diem meals should be made using form Travel Per Diem Request Form - 5341F1. Click here to access the forms (filter for Form Category - Reimbursement and Travel or Business Services). Completed forms should be submitted to Accounting at least five days in advance of travel. The forms must be filled out completely and signed by your supervisor and/or budget approver.

    If you attend a conference that provides a meal, please do not include that meal in your request.

    Meals are only eligible for payment once the traveler is in travel status for three hours beyond the traveler’s regularly scheduled hours of work for any one day. Example: an employee who regularly starts work at 7:30 a.m. must leave home by 4:30 a.m. to qualify for breakfast. If you start to travel at 7:30 a.m., your first eligible meal would be lunch.

    Meals will only be reimbursed using the Travel Per Diem Request Form - 5341F1. Meals will no longer be reimbursed on blue individual reimbursement forms or on the travel or building credit cards.

    Meals that are not for an overnight stay will be reimbursed through Payroll on a separate reimbursement form. Click here to access the forms (filter for Form Category - Reimbursement and Travel or Business Services). This will be taxable income.

    Meal reimbursement for staff chaperoning students at district sanctioned school events will be reimbursed per the school’s student meal reimbursement policy.

    Travel Credit Card
    Employees may request temporary use of a travel credit card. With five days notice, cards may be checked out from Accounting or school bookkeeper, if applicable, with approved requisition. Receipts are required for all expenditures charged to the travel credit card and must be submitted within three days of return. Meals for travel are not allowed to be purchased on the travel credit cards.

    Purchase Orders
    District purchase orders should be obtained when possible for conference registrations, hotels and airline travel purchases. 

    Individual Reimbursements
    District employees may submit blue individual reimbursement requests for reimbursement of other non-meal travel expenses, mileage, and small, infrequent supply purchases. Click here to access the forms (filter for Form Category - Reimbursement and Travel or Business Services). The district requires receipts for all travel expenses except mileage and meals. When a receipt is lost or otherwise not available, a copy of the bank or credit card statement is acceptable. See Policy 5341P for further guidelines for what the district allows for hotel and motel expenses, airline tickets, luggage fees and taxi services.

    Mileage-Personal Vehicle
    Reimbursement for mileage is allowed only when approved in advance by the staff member’s supervisor. When travel is a necessary part of performing one’s work, the staff member may receive blanket approval for the year. Mileage from home to work and from work to home cannot be reimbursed unless an employee is called to work outside of his regular work schedule. Reimbursement shall be at the current IRS mileage rate.

    • IRS mileage rate effective January 1, 2019 = .58 per mile
    • IRS rate is subject to change

    Car Rental
    The use of rental cars is limited to situations where commercial transportation facilities either are not available or their use is impractical or more expensive. The rental car should be refueled prior to returning it to the agency to avoid refueling charges. For any potential vehicle rental, contact Melody Gillette in Business Services for the current contract for rental companies and the insurance provisions.

    Travel Advances
    The travel advance process only applies to certain approved trips involving students (athletics, extracurricular, etc.) Special circumstances for other travel may also be approved by the Superintendent or designee. See Policy 5341P for further details.