Contracts & Purchasing - Bid Law

  • The district is subject to both state and federal procurement laws for the acquisition of goods, services and public works projects. State laws govern the majority of procurement activity; however, where State procurement laws are silent and the procurement utilizes federal funding (in whole or in part) purchases must follow the federal procurement regulations.


    The thresholds below apply to purchases of like items district wide during a single fiscal year. When like items purchased district-wide exceed the formal bid threshold, district staff are required to use a contract established by the district (i.e., copy paper, office supplies, etc). Please contact Purchasing regarding any purchase over $5,000 so we may determine if district-wide the bid law applies.


    For additional information on public works projects, see the public works section.


    Bidding exemptions
    In addition to exemptions that are specifically detailed by law, RCW 39.04.280 supplements competitive bidding exemptions for the following conditions, regardless of funding source.

    • Purchases that are clearly and legitimately limited to a single source of supply.
    • Purchases involving special facilities or market conditions.
    • Purchases in the event of an emergency.
    • Purchases of insurance or bonds.
    • Public works in the event of an emergency.


    In addition to the exemptions listed above, competitive procurement requirements may be waived for federally funded procurements if a service is to be provided

    • Via an interlocal agreement with another public agency; 
    • If the service provider is a non public agency approved by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI);
    • If the service provider is mandated as part of another recognized contractual agreement; or 
    • By any other exemption made available by the federal government.


    Competitive bid exemption process 

    • The determination that a bidding exemption condition exists shall be first considered by Purchasing or Accounting & Budget who will approve bidding exemptions up to $40,000.  
    • Exemptions above $40,000 but less than $75,000 ($100,000 for federally funded procurements), Purchasing or Accounting & Budget shall make a recommendation to the Executive Director of Business Services to approve the exemption. 
    • Exemptions greater than $75,000 ($100,000 for federally funded procurements) shall be to the School Board for declaration of sole source or emergency.
    • Purchases involving special facilities, market conditions, insurance or bonds may be approved by the superintendent or designee as needed.