SAT Prep

  • Free test preparation tools

    There is not a current SAT prep course scheduled at Glacier Peak High School at this time.  

    SAT prep class for students preparing to take the SAT (sponsored by the Glacier Peak High School parent organization)

    This class is designed to provide students with

    • An understanding of the test format and content
    • Useful test-taking skills and time-management tips
    • Guided test practice
    • Instruction on how to identify areas for improvement and target studies to optimize score

    Class fee is $70. Registration information is available through the GPHS Daily Bulletin, here on the SAT Prep web page, the Counseling Office, or by contacting Lona Brask, Glacier Peak High School Parent Organization's SAT Prep Coordinator.

    Note: Glacier Peak High School is unable to accept payments for this class. Please follow instructions on the registration form to submit payments.