First Aid & CPR

  • Click here for the first aid/CPR schedule for the 2023-2024 school year

    The district is accepting online first aid CPR with AED certifications for the school year. Staff cannot be reimbursed for their online time, but staff have access to their professional development funds to cover class fees. (Please refer to your CBA.) Completion certifications still must be submitted to Human Resource Services.  

    For information, questions, or to register for a class, call 360-563-7355.

    Frontline employees are required to have current first aid and CPR certifications. The district will provide classes each school year that frontline employees can pre-register for. You may also acquire current certifications on your own. Should you acquire certification on your own, please be sure to submit copies of your certification to Human Resource Services. Due to strict class sizes and program costs, classes are offered to employees of the district only.

    The following staff members are considered frontline employees per Board Policy 5005P: athletic trainers, coaches, custodians, main office secretaries with clinic, maintenance, mechanics, occupational therapists, para eds (DD, daycare, health room, playground, preschool), physical therapists, principals, school bus drivers, security monitors, supervisors, teachers (CTE, DD, PE/health/fitness, preschool, science, visually impaired), and other persons deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.

    Employees - To sign up for a class

    • You must pre-register as there is a strict class size limit. No drop-ins.
    • Call 360-563-7355 to register.
    • You will receive a reminder email prior to class.
    • Current cardholders will have first priority based on expiration dates of certification. 

    Substitutes and those attending on a space available basis (casual employees, volunteers, positions not requiring certification) 
    Due to strictly limited class sizes, individuals attending on a space-available-basis are welcome to register on a wait list.  If space is available for the class, you will receive notification a day prior to that class.  Substitutes and those attending on a space available basis cannot be compensated for their time in class. Drop-in attendance is not allowed.