Facebook Guidelines

  • We’ve designed our district and school Facebook pages to be an informal, quick information source about our school district. We welcome participation and look forward to interacting with people through this channel.

    We want the experience to be as positive as possible for all of us. So here are some simple and, we think fair, guidelines for participation.

    • Be respectful. We will delete personal attacks, inappropriate remarks or profanity on our page.
    • Be focused. Our pages are about the Snohomish School District or a particular district school, so let’s keep the conversation focused on that. Business plugs, personal issues, political banter all have a place on Facebook - just not on our particular pages.
    • Be involved. We welcome your feedback on our postings and we hope you’ll comment when something grabs your attention. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see included on our page, we would love to hear from you. And we hope you will encourage others with a passion for education to find us and follow us here on Facebook. It’s best to contact principals, teachers, staff members or the school board privately. Our Facebook pages will share lots of information, but won’t be equipped to forward messages to particular people.

    That’s it! Pretty simple, right? If you have questions, contact the Communications Department at 360-563-7263.