Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures

  • Here are some important reminders about how our “parent drop off/pick by vehicle” line works at its best. 

    • The bus/staff loop in the west staff parking lot is for buses only at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. All walkers enter our campus at the front of the school at the main doors. 
    • Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:20 a.m. as we do not provide supervision until that time. Also, there is no need to come to school too early, prior to the end of school. The afternoon vehicle line will go quickly once the routine sets in. And you should never set the habit of picking your child up early from school simply to “beat the traffic.” 
    • If you are driving up to campus with your students or to pick them up, please stay in your car and in the queue line instead of finding a parking space and walking up to the main doors. When too many people are gathered at the front doors, it becomes too congested and our students and teachers cannot efficiently exit the building. Additionally, when you get in your parked car to exit campus while the parent queue line is still in effect, you disrupt the flow of traffic, causing undue delay. If you have to walk to the front, you are directed to find a parking space, turn off your vehicle, and cross the lot carefully; we then ask that you wait until the parent queue line is completed before you leave your parking space. When you are at the front of the school on foot, please allow plenty of exit space in front of the entrance/exit doors. 
    • When in the car queue, drive slowly. Please stay in the queue the entire time you are weaving through the parking lot and pull all the way forward, leaving little space between you and the car in front. Never stop getting out of your car. When you have your child safely in the car, you may enter the pass lane carefully to exit campus. Because of the slight bottleneck where the two lanes merge, please be courteous in allowing for a safe and fluid merging.
    • It is best to have your kids enter and exit on the right side of the vehicle adjacent to the safe sidewalk; please do this as quickly and safely as possible to keep the line moving.  
    • It is against the law to use cell phones while driving! You will be reported if we notice the safety of our kids and staff is jeopardized. Please drive on our campus with your full attention - going slowly and watching for pedestrians, which often include very young kids! 
    • Please be patient and good stewards of our campus and neighborhood. If done right by all drivers, we can move all 420 students from our school to their way home in 10 minutes or less. 

    Following these guidelines and keeping a patient and positive demeanor means we are all doing our part to keep our students safe and our routines as efficient as possible. Thank you for helping make our school a great place for everyone!

    Introducing our traffic butlers
    In an effort to build leadership among our sixth graders, and provide a great service to our community, we are bringing back our student traffic butlers! Every week, we will have a crew of sixth graders out along the parent dropoff/pickup lane to help insure student safety and help the drive line run more efficiently. Here’s what you can do to help:

    • When in the queue lane, drive as far ahead as possible as guided by our traffic butlers, before loading or unloading your student. This helps to get as many cars as possible into the safe zone to move students in and out of cars. Our butlers will be trained to help open and close doors. And please load and unload students only in the safe zone next to our sidewalks.
    • Please stay in your car - if you need to get out of your car for any reason, please park in one of the lot stalls.
    • Your children should load and unload on the right-hand side of your vehicle next to the safe sidewalk. It is not safe to have students exit on the left as they are then exposed to oncoming traffic!
    • When you can safely do so, please merge into the left “passing” lane to exit from the queue. And please, do this slowly and safely in conjunction with the other parent drivers.
    • At all times, please wear smiles and have patience! We are doing the best we can to keep our kids safe—and you should assume all other parents have only the best intentions in mind when they, too, are on our campus.
    • Stay 100% attentive - please no cell phones while you drive, especially on our campus; little bodies can dart fast from one place to another, and they can be hard to see from the driver’s seat. And ... remember those smiles!