Tutoring Resources

  • Classroom teachers - For students who are struggling, the first source of help is always the classroom teacher.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of Grizzly Period time allocated during regular school hours to receive assistance from their teachers. Making individual appointments before or after school is also another option. There is often an after-school tutoring club--For more information talk to one of your teachers or ask your school counselor. 

    Tutor Club - The Tutor Club is up and running. We have many talented and bright students willing to help other students. The club covers just about all subjects. If you are struggling in a class and would benefit from a peer’s point of view, try attending Tutor Club, Wednesdays after school in room 212.

    Sno-Isle Library System - Click here to visit the Sno-Isle Library System.This resource is for students who have a library card, there is real-time homework help in many different subjects. There is also a variety of reference material available for student use.

    Valuable online resources