Sno-Isle Tech

  • Sno-Isle TECH, located near Paine Field in Everett, is a cooperative effort of 14 local school districts. The purpose of skills centers like Sno-Isle Tech is to provide preparatory training, certification, and post-secondary credit to students, who can then choose to continue their education, go straight to work, or both.

    Occupations are organized into broad clusters or “pathways” based on characteristics of the job. The 22 programs offered at Sno-Isle TECH represent these five pathways: Information Technology, Business Marketing & Management, Human Services, Science & Health, and Trade & Industry.

    Applications to Sno-Isle TECH open in February for entrance into fall classes. Instructor interviews of students submitting applications will be conducted at Sno-Isle TECH later that spring.

    For additional information please contact Sno-Isle at (425) 348-2220 between the hours of 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, or email