General Policies and Rules

  • Everyone is welcome!
    The Snohomish Aquatic Center is a 52,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility owned and operated by the Snohomish School District. Safety for our guests is our top priority. Please read carefully through our list of General Policies and Rules before your visit.

    General Rules and Guidelines 

    Young Guest Supervision 

    • Guests 6 and under must be accompanied into the pool by a supervising guest (14+) at all times.
    • Guests 6 and under must be within arm's reach of the supervising guest.
    • Guests 12 and under must be supervised by a guest (14+) in the building at all times.
    • One supervising guest may monitor no more than three children (ages 6 and under) in the water.
    • No running or rough play.  

    Aquatic Center Rules

    • We recognize our guests’ needs to observe not only from the lobby, but also from the pool deck. Spectators can watch from the pool deck, but for safety reasons, are required to sit on the provided benches/bleachers at all times. This allows us to maintain safety for our swimmers and staff, while recognizing our guests’ needs to be closer to those they are observing.
    • A cleansing shower is required before entering the pool.
    • Please be responsive to the lifeguards' requests.
    • No running or rough play.
    • Guests may be subject to a simple swim assessment to determine swim ability. Swim assessment consists of stroke proficiency and ability to be in the water without assistance  
    • (Please see additional information regarding Open Recreation Swim)


    • Appropriate swim attire is required.
    • Bathing suits should be full coverage.
    • Eyeglasses may be worn in the pool if they have plastic or safety-glass lenses and are worn with a safety strap. 
    • Swim diapers: In compliance with the Washington State Board of Health code:
      • Swim diapers and protective vinyl diaper covers required for infants and toddlers.
      • Swim diapers and protective vinyl diaper covers are available for purchase at the Welcome Desk.
      • Staff will be enforcing the requirement that all children wearing diapers must also wear a protective diaper cover (plastic pants with tight-fitting leg openings).
      • Please remember to change diapers only in diaper changing areas provided in the locker rooms.

    Flotation Devices

    • Personal floatation devices and pool toys such as noodles, water wings, toys and/or swimmies are not permitted.
    • The Snohomish Aquatic Center provides aquatic toys for guests free of charge, as well as lifejackets.
    • Personal swim caps and goggles are allowed.
    • Swim caps and goggles are allowed. 
    • Please do not bring noodles, swimmies, water wings, toys or any other flotation devices from home, as they will not be allowed in the facility.


    • No gum is allowed in the facility.
    • No outside food or drink other than water is permitted in the aquatic areas.
    • No glass is allowed on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.
    • Our Welcome Desk and cafe sell light-fare foods, snacks and beverages. 


    Hot Tub

    • The Washington State Health Department does not allow guests ages 6 and under in the spa/hot tub area.

    Lap Swim

    • Lap swim is available during specified times in our competition pool. It is recommended for guests who can swim with a level of competency and are interested in swimming for exercise.
    • Guests may be subject to swim testing and other applicable rules. (Please see a lifeguard for specific tests.)

    Locker Rooms

    Our facility has ample changing space for our guests. There are changing/locker rooms. Locker rooms also feature restrooms, private shower spaces and swimsuit water extractors 

    • Lockers are available for day use by guests.
    • Guests must bring their own towels and locks. 
    • Locks must be removed at the end of each visit. Items left overnight will be removed from the locker room and place in lost and found.
    • Guests ages 5 and under may use the opposite sex locker room if accompanied by a supervising individual. We recommend that guests ages 6 years and older use the same sex locker rooms and showers.
    • There are four family/assisted changing areas for our guests who may need larger, more private changing, shower and restroom areas for themselves or their families.
    • Use of electronic devices is not permitted - at any time - in locker rooms

    We recommend that guests not bring valuables into the facility, as the Snohomish Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

    Splashtacular Waterslide

    • Guests must be at least 48-inches tall and pass a swim test to slide.

    Spray and Play Area

    • The zero-depth entry/spray-play area is recommended for guests 11 and under.  
    • No running or rough-housing.

    Saline Water

    The pool water at the Snohomish Aquatic Center is treated through a system that produces natural chlorine out of simple salt water, which reduces reliance on typical pool chemicals. The system creates a more swimmer-friendly environment with improved water and air quality. (Note: The FlowRider is not a saline system.)

    Unforseen Sanitation Closures

    On occasion, circumstances arise in which the Recreation Pool waters need to be exited and the area cleared for a sanitation process. This process takes 30 minutes and the water is tested before re-entry of the pool is allowed. 

    Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension or revocation of guest usage.