Open Line Policy

  • Open recreation swims are extremely popular. If you would like to attend a swim session, we recommend arriving early.

    • A holding line will be established inside the building after payment has been received. Guests in this line will have access to the changing rooms about five minutes prior to the start of open rec swim. Colored line passes may be distributed to guests to help manage the line and number of swimmers per session.

    • Guests 6 and under must be accompanied into the pool by a supervising guest (14+) at all times. Guests 11 and under must be supervised by a guest (14+) in the building at all times. One supervising guest may monitor no more than three children (ages 6 and under) in the water.

    • We recognize our guests’ needs to observe not only from the lobby, but also from the pool deck. Spectators can watch from the pool deck, but for safety reasons are required to sit on the provided benches/bleachers at all times. This allows us to maintain safety for our swimmers and staff, while recognizing our guests’ needs to be closer to those they are observing.

    Pass Holders

    • Annual and 3-month pass holders will be guaranteed admission to open rec swim until five minutes prior to the start of the session.

    General Admission

    • Welcome Center staff will begin drop-in sales about 30 minutes prior to the swim session start time.
    • You may only buy for those who are present in your party. Sales are based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Open rec swim sessions are limited to 250 participants (300 participants when both recreation and competition pools are open). When all tickets are distributed, swims have reached maximum capacity as established by the Washington Health Department and cannot admit any more swimmers.